PRX Solutions is the Geospatial Information and Technology Consulting division of PRX, Corp.. Is the  exclusive distributor of renounce world leading software’s like, Leica Geosystems and Rheticus; it has emerged as a Turnkey Solution Provider for Puerto Rico, USVI and Dominican Republic.

We live in a changing world that changes continuously, rapid and unpredictable. These require new ways of thinking to resolve our problems and make sense of the shape of change. We believe in new methods of analysis that help us to visualize the world in terms of what was, what is, what can be, and what will be.

PRX, Corp provides geospatial tools that help you make sense of the dynamically changing world and deliver mission-critical information to the palm of your hand. Simple tools to build a lightweight and dynamic application that enable you to act and stay ahead of the changing world.

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Hexagon Content Program

The exceptional quality, positional accuracy, and nationwide coverage of our imagery enable you to make smarter, more informed decisions. We offer imagery in true-colour (RGB), colour-infrared (CIR), and stereo pairs.

Access 3D models of your area’s terrain and above-surface features with our off-the-shelf elevation products.  High-accuracy digital surface models (DSM) for 3D surface visualization and geospatial analysis.  Confidently measure and analyze the elevation of the earth’s surface and above-ground features.

Analyse, model and visualise your urban landscape with high-definition digital twins of global cities.  Metro HD offers 9 different data sets derived from 5 cm resolution aerial imagery and 20 – 25 points/m² density LiDAR data. Flip through the slide show to view each data set.

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3D Imager
Real-time, in-picture 3D measurement solution

Detection Systems
Improved safety, detect and identify utilities

Disto & Lino
3D measuring, scanning and layout

GIS Collectors
Capture spatial data in a simple and flexible way

GNSS Systems
Measure what you see

With the unique capability to adapt to any application
needs through software upgrades and onboard operation

Laser Scanners
Delivering outstanding range, speed,
and highest quality 3D data

Mobile Mapping Systems
The first complete mobile reality capture
from a single provider

Total Stations
Achieve the highest accuracy and reliability

UAV Systems
Capturing reality from the air for efficient cadastral
survey, 3D mapping and asset inspection

Rheticus Services




The use of traditional techniques (total stations, GNSS network, etc.) for periodic monitoring of wide or remote areas requires considerable economic and time resources, moreover not feasible for small-to-medium scale.

On the other hand, satellite monitoring allows to overcome these limits, reaching high frequency, precise and accurate actionable information thanks to the ever-increasing availability of open data.

Types of Services:

Rheticus® NETWORK ALERT Periodic reporting service that informs about the stress level of water and sewage networks and other underground networks pipes. The infrastructures are classified on the basis of the stress level related to ground movements.

Rheticus ® SAFEWAY Periodic reporting service for monitoring and checking the stability of road infrastructures such as roads, railways and airports. The segmented infrastructures are classified on the basis of speed and acceleration measured over time.

Rheticus® SAFELANDPeriodic reporting of the stability of the territory through the segmentation of wide areas and their classification based on the movement trends and anomalies detected from satellite.

Rheticus® Building CheckMonitor buildings and facilities stability. Periodic analysis of any building movement patterns within your area of interest, while also timely tracking any anomaly and its evolution over time. Building Check delivers periodic reports, based on constant monitoring, that allow quick detection of any structural instability, saving both lives and buildings.

Rheticus® DISPLACEMENTPeriodic monitoring of soil surface millimeter movements due to slow landslides and / or subsidence in urban and extra urban areas with indicators for the entity of displacements and accelerations over time.

Rheticus ® URBAN DYNAMICS Periodic reporting of the urban dynamics for the land change monitoring caused by construction works and implementation of local or highest level plans.

Rheticus ® WILDFIRES – High performing geo information service for burnt area detection, fire severity classification, vegetation regrowth monitoring and detection of anomalous transformations within burnt areas or with restrictions.

Rheticus ® AQUACULTURE – Periodic monitoring and reporting of molluscs and fish growth trends to support and optimize aquaculture activities and plant management. Insightful data are also provided to estimate the best harvesting time and the amount of production.

Rheticus ® MARINE Periodic monitoring of coastal seawater quality and marine resources through the measurement of parameters as chlorophyll, turbidity, temperature and algae proliferation.


Rugged Computers for Tough Environments

Our handheld rugged mobile computers are known for the combination of high performance and strength to be able to handle the most demanding field applications. All our rugged handhelds and rugged tablets have an ingress protection of IP65 or higher.


Rugged Handhelds

Handheld offers a wide selection of Rugged Computers including PDA’s, Handhelds and Enterprise Smartphones. Our rugged handhelds are built to withstand tough environments and rough industrial settings.


Rugged Tablets

Handheld rugged tablets are not just IP65 rugged mobile computers, but also complete mobile computing solutions. Together with our partners, we offer complete field working solutions based on our rugged tablets.

Worn on your body


In addition to our rugged handhelds and tablets, we’re introducing a new wearables product line which includes smart devices worn on your body to keep your hands free.

Specific requirements

Custom Products

Our goal is to extend your efficiency gains beyond the benefits of robust, high-tech rugged mobility.