Site Visits documentation with pictures and measurements

We provide inspection services for construction projects, Phase I (Environmental Assessments) and natural disaster damage (following FEMA regulations).  Our UX Designer team will help you organize and digitalize your forms to collect data in the field with mobile applications. 

Each photo captured is a complete measurement record which contains height, width, and depth measurements.  Construction plans often do not reflect reality. Therefore, measurable images that reflect ‘as-built’ conditions are a great support for validation, facility management and future renovation projects.  Phase I ESA documentation requires document the presence or likely presence of any hazardous substance or petroleum products in, on or at a property. 

UAV images, videos and data capture

For analysis, surveying, mapping and much more.  We provided photography, videography, imaging services, for construction site monitoring, commercial and residential real estate photography, insurance inspection, and 3D Mapping 


Our work consist in analyzing changes in benthic community of macro-invertebrates in relation to the organic enrichment associated with human activities.  The values of these indices determine the ecological status of benthic community and inform about the impact of human activities.

Scientific Diving Training Program

We run the oldest, and most active science support program of its kind in the Caribbean.  PRXtreme, Corp. trains and supports scientists, students, and volunteers in the use of underwater techniques and technology necessary to conduct their research in underwater environments. All scientific diver training follows the guidelines of the Federal Register, Vol. 50, No.5, p.1046 and meets the standards of the American Academy of Underwater Science (AAUS).

CPR, AED, Oxygen Administration & Emergency Care Training

All courses are ILCOR & OSHA Compliant. We provide Courses for the Professional Diver & Health Care Provider.  Professional divers have unique responsibilities and a duty to respond to unique situations; their first-aid training should not be any less unique.  Our courses are designed for commercial, professional, aquarium and scientific divers, and it provides knowledge and first-aid skills specifically for these work environments.  The DFA Pro is also approved by the U.S. Coast Guard as meeting the CPR and first aid requirements for captain and mate licenses. It has also been accepted by the American Camp Association for staff CPR and first aid requirements.

Dive Training 

PRXtreme is a SDI Training Facility.  We will provide help and guidance, to begin accumulated experience and knowledge.  Is the beginning of a lifelong adventure.

Management and recovery for projects with implementation failures

Our team of Licensed Environmental Planners, GIS Professionals, Biologist and Project Managers will provide support in your project implementation or join permit application.  We will provide the procedures and review mechanisms to implement your project.

OTS Certified Guardian Technicians

The Guardian line of Full-Face Masks (FFMs) is OTS’ most recent innovation. Designed to meet the demanding needs of today’s Commercial/Professional Diver, it leverages the best features found on other FFMs with unique features designed by OTS.  Our technicians are authorized to provided service to the Guardian Full Face Masks – 1121-2701-OLC – Expires 11/11/2024

Visual Cylinder Inspection

Cylinder Training Services Inspector number CTS109231 Expires 11/15/2024 / PCI (Professional Scuba Inspector) Inspector number 33246 Expires 11/19/2024