Underwater Operations

PRXtreme is a SDI Training Facility – (Facility number 1005912)

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DAN  – Divers Alert Network –

We are a DAN Training Facility

Our Instructor Trainer Joel Melendez will help you became a DAN Instructor.

Joel Melendez   DAN Instructor Trainer  #14058  e-mail:  jmelendez@prxtreme.com

DAN First Aid Courses

Underwater Operations

PRXtreme is the house for the underwater Citizen Science Diver Certification Program for the Caribbean.

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Products & Partnerships

OTS – Certified Guardian Technicians 1121-2701-OLC – Expires 11/11/2024 – https://www.oceantechnologysystems.com/

Cylinder Training Services – Maintenance, o2 cleaning and Inspection HP cylinders – CTS109231 – Expires 11/15/2024 – Cylinder Training Services

PCI (Professional Scuba Inspectors)  – Visual Cylinder Inspection – Inspector number 33246 – Expire 11/19/2024